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Web Design vs. Print Design: How To Find The Middle Ground

Web Design vs. Print Design: How To Find The Middle Ground

There are a number of web designers who come up with print backgrounds for the sites that they make. These are most likely those who used to be print designers before joining the web design company they are part of now, or they are simply used to the control that is offered by print media. Remember though that print provides stability and permanence, and these two are not present in the Web. Realistically speaking though and speaking from experience if I may add, it is rather easy to forget this.

As you build your web page and have it tested on your browser, you somehow would like it to look exactly how you want it to. However, since your web design company requires you to test it in different browsers, you will see that they look different. As you move from one platform to the next, you will notice that there are slight but uncomfortable differences. This should be a good reminder that web design does not have the permanence and the stability that print does.

On the other hand, as the web designer, your web design company will most likely ask you to work with your customers during the web designing process. One of the most important things that you need to do is to explain to them the difference between the Web and print. Most clients would ask you to provide them your portfolios and web design plans. It is all too common for a web design company to receive customer complaints which stems from the fact that the website is not the exact representation of the print-out. To spare your web design company from this usual trouble, you have to learn how to properly work with your customers:

It is always good to have a portfolio printed out for clients to see. But bear in mind that it is not entirely a representation of your skills in web designs. When you do show them a portfolio, make sure that you also carefully explain to them the differences that they should expect on the final output web page. Make sure that you are upfront with them. If they set specifications for a graphical page and want specific layout, font and other web design elements, make sure that you also mention the possible trade-offs such as in the download speed and maintenance requirements. Lastly, it would be best to know what type of platform your customer will use. If you are a big fan of Netscape on the Mac, while your customer uses Internet Explorer version 7 for the Windows operating system, make sure that you bear this fact in mind when you come up with your designs. The page you come up with during the web design face may look very different on their platform.

So how then can you compromise the difference between web design and print? Well, you mostly need to rely on the web design techniques that you employ. Here are some tips to help you through this difference:

• Know your audience very well. It is imperative that you know who the potential visitors of the site are and for whom the website is to be made for. Know your client’s target audience and their characteristics or behaviors. If they are highly advanced users, they will most likely browse in UNIX or Linux on a 21-inch monitor. If they are rather more conservative, they are likely to use an Internet Explorer 7 on a 14 inch monitor. If your web design best suits your audience, your client will not come back running to your web design company to complain about the final site output.

• Test, test, and test again. You need to test your web design in each and every browser and operating system combination that you can possibly get both your hands on. You can use emulators if you are short of time and if you have no other choice, but nothing beats hands on experience through actual tests and runs.

• Never forget about resolution. Although browsers and operating systems are both important, there is one other factor that you need to consider in site web design. Keep in mind that if your client as well as their target audience will browse your final page on a browser than is smaller than you have designed on, there is a good possibility that they will be unpleasantly surprised. They might come back running to you, and your web design company might not appreciate that very much.

Using CSS can help you get precise layouts, but remember that your web design can never and will never be as precise as print. Remember this as implement the web design of your pages to spare you and your web design company a great deal of stress.

29 Nov

Recipe: French Apple Pie

French Apple Pie


1 cup sifted All-purpose flour
? teaspoon salt
? teaspoon baking powder
1/3 cup butter or shortening
2-3 tablespoons cold water

Apple Filling:
8 small apples or 4 big ones
2-3 tablespoons calamansi or lemon juice
? cup sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
3 tablespoons chopped walnuts
2 tablespoon All-purpose flour
Grated cheese

? cup chilled butter
? cup All-purpose flour
1 tablespoon chopped walnuts
? cup brown sugar


# Prepare a 9-inch pie plate. Preheat oven to 375 F.
# Sift flour, salt and baking powder together.
# Cut in butter into flour mixtures until pea sized.
# Add as much water to bind the ingredients together.
# Form into ball.
# Roll out dough to 1/8 inches thick.
# Fit dough into prepared pie plate.
# Flute edges and chill for 10 minutes.
# Prepare Apple Filling: Pare and slice apple thinly.
# Put apple slice in a bowl and sprinkle with calamansi juice.
# Combine with sugar, cinnamon and nuts. Toss into the apple slices. If very juicy add flour.
# Turn into prepared crust.
# Top with grated cheese.
# Prepare Topping: Cut in chilled butter into flour. Add Walnuts and brown sugar.
# Sprinkle mixture on top of apple filling.
# Bake for 30 to 40 minutes or until golden brown

25 Nov

Joining A Photography Organization

Joining A Photography Organization

If you know how to operate a camera then it is not difficult to become a photographer – at least as a casual hobby. Knowledge and skill are developed over time, but grow more slowly when a camera hobbyist is alone. One of the better means of closing the inexperience gap, though, is through an association with other passionate photographers. These can be found through photography clubs or organizations around the world.

One great way to develop your capabilities as a successful photographer is to investigate and then join such a club. These organizations typically provide interesting lectures on various topics related to photography, including camera types, peripheral equipment, shooting techniques, different types of photography, and professional opportunities (among many others). These lectures are then followed by open forums and discussions among the members and their guests. Experiences of members in attendance are also shared to provide insights concerning photography nuances that others might not ordinarily notice. Additionally, activities are planned to develop “on the job” learning experiences for members in honing their photography skills and to also simultaneously observe some of the masters of the trade.

There is no age restriction in joining a photography club. Whether young or old, all are permitted – and even encouraged – to become active participants. Even those who do not yet own a camera but nevertheless have an interest and aptitude for photography are permitted to join.

You should be aware that most photography organizations that offer membership require fees or dues to offset at least some of the expenses of their meetings, guest speakers, and to provide basic monies necessary to help fund their year round activities.

The popularity of photography clubs continues to increase, as demonstrated by their availability internationally. Consequently, there is normally little difficulty in finding a photography club relatively close to your home. A person can even join an organization on a trial basis and attend few preliminary sessions. This enables the potential member to see more of what the organization offers before actually joining. For experienced photography organizations, this is a real opportunity to “show off” its experience to newcomers.

Photography organizations typically hold monthly or weekly meetings. Frequently information about the clubs, their meeting plans, and activities are readily available on the Internet or simply through making a phone call to an existing member and getting onto a mailing list.

At the meetings, a variety of camera types are represented, and their conditions range from brand new to very old, from digicams to a simple black and white cameras, and from fully featured to very manual. Really, the only “requirements” for joining a photography organization are to have the heart to learn, dedication to extend some time and effort to the group activities to expand your skills, and eventually to contribute your own insights.

There are many different techniques which can help a person become a gifted photographer. The lectures offered in these photography organizations can be very helpful, certainly for beginners. Some speakers come with impressive backgrounds, even working for well-known magazines, such as National Geographic or Time. By committing a small amount of money to join a photography organization, you can definitely learn to become a better, more efficient, and highly skilled photographer.

21 Nov

Locating Graphic Design Firm in San Francisco

Locating Graphic Design Firm in San Francisco

Graphic design companies can work out to give in valuable solutions from the smallest logos to designing blockbuster movie posters, banners and signs. Producing an excellent graphic design and attaining to go along with the trend is a great way to get in the door of a particular company, however with competitive industry you must learn on how to go along with the flow, you have to track the path too. Though there may be no guarantees but having a good graphic design, strong portfolio and a reputable graphic design firms will yield to have incredible output.

Graphic design firms San Francisco can be a graphic design company of your choice. A good graphic design can be a good branding identity that will create a long lasting relationship between a business and its customers. A good design can yield to provide a good sense of direction, drive customers through the ability to inspire and consistently communicate with all mediums.

However in choosing for the right graphic design company of your choice you have to be keen, observant and wise. Because with the tight competition in the industry it is a need to have a good design in order to get the attention of your customers.

Moreover in locating for graphic design firms San Francisco there are several ways on how to locate it. The following can be a guide on how well you will be able to wisely locate for your graphic design firm in San Francisco.

First you can seek from your referrals. You can ask information from your relatives, families, neighbors, officemates and colleagues who had already the idea where to render a good graphic design firm. Mainly the experience they had acquired can be your guide whether the firm is capable enough in doping your graphic design jobs.

Second, through media – newspapers and televisions can be a good resource for locating them. For companies may advertise the graphic design services they provide and show up a good design they had created. As per with the advertising, the newspaper and televisions can indeed persuade more people and can also be a reliable source in choosing for the right graphic design firms in San Francisco.

And lastly, you can engage to an online service. Making use of the internet is now most typical, practical and easiest way of reaching out for them. This is because customers can easily compare the services provided, compare prices and read the testimonial provided the companies clients. In addition with this through online search there is no need to waste time and exert too much effort because you can conveniently render your services without the need of leaving the comfort of your homes.

Though there maybe lots of graphic design firms sprouting at present it is still better to choose for the one who can provide you with your needs. For as a customer who is paying for the job it is just your right to claim what is due you.

18 Nov

Creating a Perfect Graphic Design Resume

Creating a Perfect Graphic Design Resume

In addition to your graphic design portfolio, you will need to create a graphic design resume to outline your skills, experience, and education for prospective employers and clients. The most important thing to remember when creating your graphic design resume is that your portfolio is a separate item. Don’t try to showcase your skills as a graphic designer within your resume by using fancy fonts, graphics you have created, page borders, or graphic page dividers. Keep your graphic design resume simple, professional, and organized.

Your graphic design resume should be tailored to showcase the skills requested for the opportunity or job offer that you are seeking. It is okay, and actually a good idea, to keep a stock graphic design resume on hand, updating it whenever you change positions or complete a significant freelance assignment. However, be prepared to make changes to the organization of your graphic design resume if it seems warranted by the opportunity you are seeking.

There are many things you should be sure to include in your graphic design resume. Make sure you list all of the computer software, technologies, and skills you have acquired, your level of expertise, and how long you have been familiar with the skill, software, or technology. You should also list any certifications or degrees you have received. If you do not have a college degree but do have professional certifications or awards, you do not need to list your high school education on your graphic design resume.

Your graphic design resume should also include information about your previous employers or projects. This may sound obvious, but many graphic designers are not aware of what information should be included in their experience. Any significant freelance assignments and any industry related work experience should be included in your graphic design resume. Do not list jobs like fast food or retail in your graphic design resume. It should be geared to showcase your talents in the graphic design field, and other jobs you have held on your way to your chosen career as a graphic designer are unimportant.

Your experience section of your graphic design resume should show the month and year of employment or the freelance assignment, and the month and year that the employment ended. Your graphic design resume should also highlight specific achievements at each position, or ways that the work you did or the freelance assignment you completed benefited the company you were working for.

Make sure that in addition to any educational references and mentions that you list all of your academic and professional achievements, significant projects, awards, and certifications on your graphic design resume. Many graphic designers neglect to include specific information in this section of their graphic design resume.

Finally, the best thing you can do to make sure that your graphic design resume is perfect is to proofread your graphic design resume. If you’re not sure that you have caught everything, have someone else proofread it as well. If you submit a graphic design resume with errors of any kind, you will be labeled as not being detail oriented, and you will not get the job or project that you are applying for, regardless of your skills or talent.

14 Nov

Bit Torrent Vs Apple The Battle For Your Video Downloads

Bit Torrent Vs Apple The Battle For Your Video Downloads

The high Steaks poker Game Has begun; Hollywood watches and waits. As Bit Torrent takes on Apple in a battle for your video downloads.

Earlier this year Apple pushes for and gets removal of DRM (digital rights management) from music and video downloads on Itunes. Just as Bit Torrent goes head to head with Itunes on video downloads.

In February Bit Torrent Inc, the internet company founded by Bram Cohen opened it’s new entertainment web site.

For those who don’t know about Bit Torrent yet, it is a protocol, that can be used free of charge to download large files quickly over the internet using very little band width, It was invented by Bram Cohen. (to learn about bit torrent and how it works go to see the resources box at the end of this article)

Last year Cohen’s company entered into agreements with several movie companies among them Paramount, Warner Brothers, MGM,20th Century Fox and MTV networks. This was the ground work for them to build their business model for a broad market video download service. MTV is a key company because of it’s market demographics.

Apple was quick to follow suit and made it’s own agreements with various movie companies.

This latest effort by Bit Torrent will offer a strong competition to Apple’s Itunes as well as other movie download sites, such as ,Walmart and don‘t forget DirectTV and cable on demand services.

What Bit Torrent offers is rental downloads, purchase downloads and some free downloads. It also offers an opportunity for you to publish your own torrents. Very attractive to new producers of video content. This appears to be a move to create a home for original content providers at the Bit Torrent web site.

You might say that is all well and good but how do I watch the content on my big screen TV? Good question.

Two months ago Bit Torrent announced it’s partnership with the company Netgear , which has developed a small inexpensive interface cable box to use to transfer your movies, video and other content from your computer to your TV. Hmm…. sounds a lot like Apple TV.

In an interview on CNBC May 3, 2007 Patrick Lo, the chief executive of Netgear said that Netgear’s plan is to use it’s wireless networks in the home to drive content from the internet to the home TV and make everyone’s home a wireless network.

Not so fast Bit Torrent; last week Apple counters with , what else, video on demand.

London’s financial Times wrote an article indicating that Apple would be offering a video on demand download service in the Fall. And the downloads would be rentals that would cost .99. These rental downloads would be good for thirty days and could be shared on one or more of Apple’s devices, Apple TV, iphone or ipod.

This latest move by Apple seems to have placed Apple and Bit Torrent in direct competition with all other video on demand services, which include Amazon’s service, Netflix service and the cable and direct TV companies services.

The gamble would appear to be for Apple and Bit Torrent to drive these other services to a point where they are marginal players and for one of them, that is Bit Torrent or Apple to emerge as the consumer favorite for video and internet content downloads and streaming wirelessly.

A question arises; where is Microsoft in all this? Are they missing the boat again? Or just waiting for the dust to clear?

Hollywood is placing bets on as many power players as it can; hence the agreements with both Bit Torrent and Apple waiting to see who comes out on top.

10 Nov

Clean Vs. Complex – What’s A More Appealing Web Design?

Clean Vs. Complex – What’s A More Appealing Web Design?

There is much debate on whether to go for a clean and simplistic approach in web design or go for a complex and detailed web design. We have to understand that web design is not all about coming up with content and garnish it with flashy graphics. Web design is about a strategy to attract visitors. A good web designer should be able to grasp the wants and needs of a web site. He should be able to find ways to achieve the goals of the web site using the tools that are at your disposal.
This article will outline the facets of a clean and a complex web design. This article hopes that the arguments will give the web site owner an idea on what approach to take in developing his Internet pursuits.
The Clean Approach
The clean approach is the latest trend in web design. It uses the minimalist appeal to attract traffic to web sites. In fact, big companies have been adopting this design philosophy. The latest version of the most used operating system in the world is using a minimalist design.
The concept behind a minimalist approach is to provide information with less clutter and direct to the point. Some web designers shun the concept because it does not give enough compensation visually compared to a more complex approach. However, more web designers are being challenged to overcome this idea, by creating simple designs without sacrificing the elements of creativity. The use of more white spaces makes the page look clean which is good for the readers’ eyes. It gives more emphasis on the contents. It will make it more understandable and memorable to the visitor thus adding value to the overall user experience.
Most simple designs rely heavily on gray color schemes. It is used to accent the typefaces and the elements of white spaces. This will make the feel more comfortable to see because of its simplicity. The few colors a web designer uses means more attention is given to the other elements of the design.
Unique typefaces would create the character of the web design without giving in to much detail. It has been used to impress a lot of users and definitely adds to a unique user experience. You can also add value by using unique photography as a way to attract attention without much fanfare.
The Complex Approach
Aesthetics is an important factor in web design. However, it must be aligned with a great layout and a good structure. This is the reason why a complex approach is needed. It gives the user the much needed usability. It prevents the users from leaving the web page. The complex approach affords the web site to provide information at the same time entertainment to the user.
Using complex infographics, users are informed about ideas and concepts that can help shape how users patronize your web site. A complex web design enables a very good first impression. The way the page is designed may create a positive reaction that could spur repeat visits to the site. Remember, an ugly and poorly conceptualized page will result in a frustrated user that may no longer have an interest to go further.
More and more web designers are going for a minimalist design because of loading considerations. A complex web design may show how creative and artistic the web design but it may overwhelm the senses. It can also impact how fast the page will load. A slow-loading page may frustrate users and opt to go somewhere else.
The ties between the user and the web page are always rooted on the clear call to action and clean presentation of ideas. That is why it is better to use a clean approach on web design.

6 Nov

Your Internet Marketing Made Easy

Your Internet Marketing Made Easy

Marketing online has become the preferred method of promotion and advertising for both web and home businesses. Internet marketing gives business owners the opportunity to target their chosen audience, while often receiving instant results. To accomplish your goals in the internet marketing field, you must first familiarize yourself with general promotional and marketing facts. Just a few simple tips can help you build your business into all that you desire.

To produce a significant income from your business, you must first find a way to gain visitors to your web site. Generating traffic is very important in internet marketing. It is a good idea to visit other web sites with a similar audience as yours to aid in the development of your internet marketing plan. Affiliate programs are an ideal source of traffic generation, as well as, web site advertising. As the internet expands, so do the many ways to bring customers to your site.

The word “free” is one of the most powerful internet marketing tools ever. Offering a free trial or sample on your web site is the perfect way to get potential customers excited about your business. As in any marketing plan, creativity is a must. If you are not able to dish out any free goodies, why not create a special offer or discount? It is essential that this offer is only offered at your site; this shows that you are willing to try something different from other business owners. Innovation can be the key to success in the internet marketing game.

Developing an honest and solid reputation in the business community is a necessity. Customers need to feel secure purchasing from you, and not worry about disclosing their personal information through your servers. Most consumers look for a seal of approval such as the Better Business Bureau Online icon. Once customers trust you, your business and internet marketing aspirations can continue to prosper.

2 Nov

All About Creating T Shirt Printing Designs

All About Creating T Shirt Printing Designs

Have you ever seen a t shirt printing design and wished you could make a t shirt printing design? Some people think that making a t shirt printing design is complicated and a hard task. This is false. Making a t shirt printing design is one of the simplest things that you can do. In fact, you do not need to be an artist or even artistic to make a great t shirt printing design. We will explain why so that you can see how even the most untalented artist can make a great t shirt printing design.

Creating a design for t shirt printing is simple because it can be anything. Yes, you do not have to have a elaborate or artistic design to use for t shirt printing. Many popular designs, especially for children, can be simple outlines and even stick figures that have funny phrases or slogans on them. These types of designs used for t shirt printing are just as appealing as artistic designs.

The first part of making your design is to know what you want to make. Are you aiming to make a design that will be funny? Or are you wanting to make a design that will create amazement? Your design can range from anything to everything. The most important part of making a design is to know what message and affect it will have from all that see it.

Now that you know what type of message or feeling you want your design to present, you are ready to start designing. Now if you are not the greatest artist or have problems thinking up of a design, there are some places that you can find ideas from. Going to such places as your local library or even book store are some great places to find designs. Even looking through a magazine or looking at ads can help you generate ideas to create some designs. There are many great drawings made for children that are designed by children. Simple drawings that your kids can make, whether they are stick figures or more complex drawings, can become a great design pattern.

T shirt printing designs do not even have to be pictures. Making a funny phrase in a colorful and fun text can be a great design. Making a slogan or tag line with a simple pre-made logo can be another great way to create a simple design. There are many popular designs that are simple phrases or text with no pictures. Do not be afraid to make a word only design as this could be more successful then trying to create a picture. The best thing to know about making word designs is that the message, text, and color are what will make the design stand out and make it appealing.

As you can see creating t shirt printing designs is very simple. It can be done by anyone whether it is a child or an adult. Once you finish your design you can upload it to your computer and make it ready to imprint on a shirt yourself, or send it to a printing company that specializes in t shirt printing.

29 Oct

Which is which; Cheap Laptop or Cheap Desktop?

Which is which; Cheap Laptop or Cheap Desktop?

Should you buy a cheap laptop or a cheap desktop?

You may find yourself asking that question many times while shopping for a computer. This guide offers you the pros and cons of owning a laptop versus a desktop pc.

1. Processing speed

Comparing processing speeds, laptops usually lag behind their desktop counterparts. With the rapid advance in microchip technology, the gap between them will become smaller.

2. Wireless.

Most laptops especially those with Intel mobile chips come with wireless capability out of the box. This means you can get online from any location at home easily without ugly wires if you have a wireless network setup at home.

Desktop pcs do not typically provide this capability out of the box although that may change in the near future.

3. Memory.

Memory chip tends to be more expensive in Laptop than desktop pcs. If you buy a laptop with less than 512MB ram, be prepare to pay more for memory upgrades than you have to with a desktop pc.

4. Graphics Display

Because of the size of a laptop, most business or entry level laptop use integrated graphics with limited ram. This means most laptops even some expensive ones cannot run graphics intensive applications or 3d games as well as a desktop pc.

With a desktop pc, you can buy a dedicated graphics card just to serve a graphics intensive application.

5. Portability.

Portability is why everyone wants a laptop these days. Because of their size and weight, it is easier to carry a laptop around as opposed to a desktop pc.

6. Screen Display.

Everyone buy laptop for their portability so laptops usually do not come with screens as big as their desktop counterparts. The screen technology used is usually not as good as those used by desktop pc.

Furthermore with a desktop pc, you can always upgrade to a bigger and better screen whereas for laptop you are stuck with the same screen display for the whole lifespan of the laptop.

So whether you should buy a cheap laptop or a cheap desktop, ask yourself what are your needs? If you want to be able to use a computer wherever you go, then you are looking at a laptop to fulfill your needs.

However if you do not require the portability of a laptop, play a lot of 3D games, graphic intensive applications, if you care about upgradeability to prolong the lifespan of your investment, then desktop pc is a smarter choice for you.

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